Why IMI?

IMI brings the maturity and sophistication of 20 years of ERP development and refinement into a simplified, cloud-based architecture.


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How IMI came to be

1993 - I2S was busy maintaining Production Management System, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), a Boeing product written in Fortran 66, on the HP 3000 platform for Naval Ordnance Station, Louisville, Kentucky.

1998 - Integrated Manufacturing Intelligence, IMI, was developed and implemented in Forest, Mississippi. IMI incorporated the MRP modules: Parts, Plans, Demands and Assets.

2004 - Manufacturing Intelligence Center, MIC, was implemented as a web based portal to access and navigate among IMI modules.

2005 - Integrated Manufacturing Intelligence, Version 2, IMI V2, was developed and implemented in a small paint facility in Louisville, Kentucky. IMI V2 handled the day to day business of receiving orders/material, routing material through the factory work centers, shipping material and invoicing the vendor.

2006 - The Raytheon Missile Systems facility in Louisville Kentucky received the BMP Center of Excellence award for Best Manufacturing Practices in Logistics. IMI and MIC were developed in support of highly-specialized production facilities with the defense industry.

2015 – Integrated Information Systems acquired the rights to Computer Financial Software out of Seattle, Washington.

2016 – Integrated Manufacturing Intelligence, Version 3, proudly released IMI V3. The maturity and sophistication of 20 years of development and refinement, brought into a simplified, cloud-based architecture.

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