Custom reporting, database design, Excel tools, and more

What We Do

Custom ERP

Custom tailored modules built stand-alone or on top of existing ERP systems

Focused Reporting

Goal-oriented reports crafted to drive intelligent action

Smart BI Tools

Tightly integrated business intelligence tools built to answer the questions that matter


Capacity Planning

Real-time what-if analysis for capacity planning

Workload Forecasting

Accurately forecast workload from sales and operations plans

Earned Value

Integrated tools for managing project budgets, expenditures, and cost projections in terms of cost and schedule performance and trends

Excel Integration

All of our tools are built on top of excel or deeply integrated with it

Performance Measurement

Track cost, schedule, and quality performance for operations and procurement

Sales and Operations Planning

Collaborative tools for simulating and managing various sales forecasts and operational plans in the context of capacity and material constraints.

Who We Help